President's Remarks, July 2022

July 6, 2022

Guess what CREW Austin?  We are celebrating our 20th anniversary this month!!  We were inducted into CREW Network in July 2002, this making this our 20th year of advancing women in Commercial Real Estate!  We look forward to celebrating with you at our monthly network luncheon on July 19th at the Westwood Country Club.  Be sure to sign up to be a part of our celebration!  CREW Austin has had so many fantastic volunteer members, committee chairs, Board Members and Presidents…………I say thank you to you all for making CREW Austin a success!

Please remember we are still working to meet the CREW Foundation Trifecta before we go to convention.  We only need 35 more members to donate to CREW Foundation before 9/1/2022 to meet this goal.  If you have already donated, thank you!  If you have not or if you but want to do more, consider making a donation on behalf of a member that has not donated.  To be counted toward the Trifecta, the donations must be from or on behalf of CREW Austin members.  Let’s rally and meet this goal!!

We attended the Spring Leadership Conference last month in Indianapolis.  Lots of great networking, market intelligence, and empowering programs launched us ready to finish our Summer with gusto!  You can find all program content on CREWBiz Resources

Be sure to check out all our other events at our website:  Coffee with CREW on July 13th and bring your donations to the July luncheon on the 19th for SAFE Alliance, a charity that our Community Outreach Group is supporting.  

Thank you to everyone that is RECONNECTING at these events… we look forward to seeing you this month!