President's Remarks, June 2022

May 31, 2022

Finishing up a really busy month - I want to thank all our sponsors, volunteers and attendees for a very successful Real Estate Summit event (see photos for that event here), for the Hard Hats and Heels at Natiivo Austin and the Corks for CREW Foundation networking event at Blurred Vines!

For June, we have a great program lined up with a topic on “Economic Forecasting and Estate Planning” featuring Ryan Bierds, CFA with Comerica Bank. Please join us Tuesday June 21st at Westwood Country Club.  We will also be collecting donations for the SAFE foundation, an organization that provides shelter and services for abused individuals and families of victims.

Be sure to check out all our other events at our website:  Coffee with CREW and CREW Austin Discovery.  Our newest event is CREW Austin Discovery, where you will learn all about CREW Austin, CREW Network and how to become a member, or how to make the most of your current membership.  This will be a networking event to meet existing and potential new members… and it will be held at the beautiful AGILE Interiors showroom on June 28th!

I also want to share a word regarding our invaluable Administrator for CREW Austin, Jen George… she has been instrumental in handling all our events and managing all our board meetings and coordinating with our committees.  Jen – we owe our success to all your wonderful organization! Please take a minute to thank Jen for all she does for CREW!

Thank you to everyone that is RECONNECTING at these events…we are a stronger organization for it!