President's Remarks, August 2022

August 3, 2022
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CREW AUSTIN – WE DID IT!!  Thank you for getting us over the finish lineWE MET OUR TRIFECTA CHALLENGE for CREW FOUNDATION!  This year CREW Foundation will be gifting 30 scholarships for college women focused on commercial real estate fields of study.  This wouldn’t be possible without out you- thank you again for helping us meet this goal! 

PATH TO LEADERSHIP.   We will be taking our last applications for CREW Austin Board positions this week - AUGUST 3.  Please complete an application form if you are interested.

DON’T FORGET TO REGISTER FOR CONVENTION.  CREW Convention will be in Chicago this year Sept 22-23rd.  Find more information here.   The CREW Austin members attending will be invited to a dinner as a guest of the Executive Committee Wednesday (9/21) at 7 pm, after the Marketplace and Welcome Reception. Get more information on the schedule here.

CREW AUSTIN EVENTS.  Coffee with CREW will be August 10th- see more details here
REMEMBER, THE CREW AUSTIN BOARD IS TAKING AUGUST OFF!  We will reconvene with our next Board meeting on September 8th

Have a great rest of your Summer!  We will RECONNECT with you in September!