CREW Austin Member of the Month

October 12, 2021
Written by: CREW Austin

CREW Austin Member of the Month

Amanda Aaron, Branch Executive/SVP of Lending, SouthStar Bank

CREW Austin is pleased to highlight Member of the Month: Amanda Aaron, Branch Executive/SVP of Lending for SouthStar Bank

Amanda aspires in her career to continue to grow her team and see them succeed. She lives with her husband and two kids, and enjoys coaching her daughters’ softball team. She also enjoys camping, and “day drinking” on the weekends, and would love to visit Ireland someday. Her favorite saying is “In a world where you can be anything, be kind.”

We asked Amanda the following questions, and she graciously replied so that we can all get to know her better:

1.    What is the biggest decision you’ve had to make in the past year? Why was it a big decision?

I really cannot put just one out there, like everyone, the past 18 months have been filled with life altering decisions, where we maybe chose to leave a career for our kids, chose to change our circumstance after serious reflection with our households. The underlying topic is always the same; how do I make my life simpler and fill it with all the things that make me happy.   

2.    Briefly, can you explain something that is really complicated, but you know well:  

In my line of work, SBA loans are often considered complex or “sticky”.  I built my knowledge of SBA overtime, and most people who know me, would consider me an SBA Expert.  

3.    Describe a mistake you made in your career that you really learned from:

I would have to say I probably make at least one mistake every day, whether that’s in daily work, reacting to situations badly, or responding to my team is the less than perfect way.  What I learn every day is that there is always a better way or a should of, could of, but my entire career, I always fall back to accountability.  Be accountable for every decision and action at work and in life, and you will find the outcome more favorable. 

4.    What do you want to do when you grow up?:

I hope to travel around the US in my RV with my husband and see all the amazing things, I only see in other people’s pictures 😊

5.    What is one professional accomplishment that you are most proud of?:  

Through Covid, our Team here at the bank, did a fantastic job when the PPP program rolled out.  In all my years of lending, it was fast and furious, but in the end, we served a lot of people and grew our small business relationships.  This was the front lines for small business, and I am happy to say I was a part of it. 

6.    What could be described as your “Five Minutes of Fame?”:  

Here at the Bank, I am known as the “pancake flipper” when we do our First Friday Community Breakfasts. These are sometimes referred to as the “best pancakes in town”

7.    Describe a time when you were faced with doing something you didn’t know how to do – how did you handle it:    
Surround yourself with a good team, good people, and there is nothing you can’t handle.