April 2018 Leadership Message

April 2, 2018
Written by: Marcy Phillips

On March 20th, Linda Rabbitt, Founder and CEO of rand* construction corporation WOWED our CREW luncheon with her impactful words of wisdom.  We learned more about the latest CREW Whitepaper:  Diversity: The Business Advantage from our CREW Network Board Liaison, Gayle Bourdeau. 

Linda Rabbitt graced us with her words of wisdom throughout her career.  She was one of the most impactful speakers I have seen in a while and her passion poured through her words and presence.  Some of Linda’s advice to us included:

  • Ask for feedback.  Give men permission to give you feedback and ask “what could I have done better”.  Listen to it and act on it.
  • Be authentic and talk in a way that others can hear.  Use analogies.  Use stories.  Make others look good.
  • Have the courage to speak to powerful people.  Read the room.
  • Take a relentless pursuit of self knowledge.  Get to know what you are good at, what you’re not.
  • Most powerful words of the English language:  “I need your help”
  • Women need to support and promote one another to continue to succeed in the business world
  • People at the top of their game have a humility about that that is awe inspiring

Our Programs committee plans to promote a “CREW Austin Women Series” with quarterly influential power players at our CREW luncheons this year.  Please be on the lookout for future luncheon programming information.
Are you interested in opportunities to further promote your firm in CREW Austin or participate in CREW Events?  If so, below is a list of upcoming opportunities through the remainder of the year.  More information to follow:
  • CREW Network Foundation donations – Now thru July
  • CREW Convention Scholarship travel raffle – Now thru May 15
  • Golf Silent Auction Items - Fall
  • Golf Swag items - Fall
  • CREW Career swag items - Fall
  • St. Louise House Donations – Now thru summer
  • Holiday Party Donations - Winter

As always, if you have any comments, questions or concerns, please let your leadership team know!
Make it a great month!

Kindest regards, 
Marcy Phillips
2018 CREW Austin President