Benefits & Qualifications

By joining CREW Austin and the entirety of CREW Network, you are advancing your career and supporting the success of women in commercial real estate.


  • Local networking opportunities
  • Programs at reduced member prices
  • Monthly newsletter
  • Invitations to member-only events
  • Leadership opportunities
  • Access to membership directory


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Every CREW member contributes to the collective knowledge, experience, and voice of both the CREW Austin and CREW Network. We welcome applications from industry professionals who meet the requirements of one of our membership categories, which are primarily differentiated by:

  • Experience: The majority of members in CREW Austin must have at least six (6) years of experience in the commercial real estate industry (Active, Academic & Affiliate), although the Associate category permits members with less experience. 
  • Employment: The majority of members in CREW Austin must be currently employed in a full-time professional position in one or more of CREW Network's qualified fields of commercial real estate (QFCRE).
Specific categories / requirements are detailed below:

Active Member

  • A person who has had direct involvement in a qualified field of commercial real estate (QFCRE) for six (6) of the last ten (10) years including the two (2) years immediately preceding the application date OR a person who has had ten (10) years of direct involvement in a QFCRE, has had direct involvement during the immediately preceding year, and is currently engaged in that field, and:
  1. Is a principal, manager, or senior officer of the applicant’s company with significant decision-making authority, OR
  2. Holds a license or certification in the applicant’s discipline issued by a state or national regulatory agency, OR
  3. Holds a bachelor’s or higher degree in the applicant’s discipline from an accredited college or university.

$410 per calendar year; discounted to $270 mid year (*mid-year = applicants after 7/1, dues for balance of year)

Associate Member

A person who meets the same criteria as the Active Member applicant must meet, except that direct involvement in his or her means current involvement only (or less than 6 years). Associate members cannot serve on the board of directors.

$410 per calendar year, discounted to $270 mid year

Affiliate Member

A person who does not qualify for Active or Associate status, but whose primary professional responsibilities are in the following categories:

  • Real Estate Project Suppliers such as Furniture Manufacturer, Office Systems, Carpet and Flooring, Security Systems, Landscaping, Maintenance.
  • Real Estate Media such as Advertising, Journalism, Marketing, Public Relations.
$630 per calendar year, discounted to $365 mid year (there is currently a waiting list for affiliate membership)

Academic Member

A faculty or staff member involved in the commercial real estate field at a college or university.

$380 per calendar year, discounted to $255 mid year

Student Member

An individual enrolled full-time (12+ credit hours) in a college or university undergraduate program, intended to lead to a career in commerical real estate

$90 per calendar year (no discount for mid year)

Questions about your eligibility? Contact for more information.

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