Shadowmatch - CREW Professional Development Program

Date February 20, 2019
Location CBRE
Time 4:00 - 6:00 PM
Registration now closed.  
CREW Professional Development Program - Austin Chapter
Please note dates:  February 20th, May 29th, August 28th and November 20th. 
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We developed this program to bring an elevated approach that is true to our CREW mission. We will be focusing each year on sophisticated career enhancement tools. This year our program is on habits and will be led by Sharon Parker, Managing Director of ShadowMatch. Our CREW Austin program will be annually, starting this February for 2019. Our sessions are held quarterly, with a total of 4, and offered to 30 members. Our 30 members will also have the opportunity for CREW member to member mentorship. Each member will be paired with a partner for the duration of the year/program. This program will also be tailored with the opportunity to allow more networking opportunities with local chapter CREW members. Our goal is for you to complete the program leaving with career enhancement tools while having built a relationship with a coach, mentor, friend and cheerleader!

CREW Network offers professional development programs at each leadership council meeting.  All our delegates have gained knowledge and built relationships in attending these. We wanted to bring a program of this caliber to our local chapter. Other chapters have adopted this program, paired with mentoring, and have had great success. 

2019 Course Curriculum:

  • Sharon Parker
  • 4 Sessions/Quarterly
(all Wednesday’s)
  • February 20th
  • May 29th
  • August 28th
  • November 20th
  • 4-6pm
  • CBRE 500 W. 2nd Street 14th Floor
  • Training/Amenity Center
  • TBD
  • Water, Coffee, Hot Tea, Soda, Sparkling Water
  • Veggie plate, hummus, crackers, cheese, nuts, chocolate
Class Materials:
  • Provided by Shadowmatch
  • CREW Members Only Cost $200 total
Please contact Sarah Scott if you have questions.