Alton Butler

Alton Butler
President/Owner, Line 204
As CEO of Line 204, Alton Butler is a successful rags-to-riches story who has built a sustainable Hollywood production company from meager beginnings in his home state of Alabama.

In 1997, Alton launched his first business, Line 204, out of a garage in Studio City where he rented production equipment to Los Angeles commercial units.  Under his leadership, Line 204 has grown expeditiously employing more than 100 team members across four business entities, which include Line 204, 204 Events, Angstrom Lighting and 204 Décor. 

In the first seven years, Line 204 became known as the entertainment industry’s one-stop shop, supplying everything needed for full-scale production from motorhomes to cell phones.  In a short time, Line 204 earned 70% market share for commercials and music videos shooting in Los Angeles.

In 2009, when production slowed, Alton expanded his rental line to events, launching Line 204 Events in January 2010. Since then, the events division has experienced rapid growth and is quickly becoming an industry leader.

Alton continued to expand his business further, and in 2011, Line 204 acquired Angstrom Lighting to leverage his vast industry contacts and expand the business reach. In 2013, Alton launched “204 Décor,” Hollywood’s newest and hottest luxury studio props and furniture rental company for the film industry.

Over the last couple of years, Line 204 underwent a rebranding, and a ground up construction project comprised of three floors with 20 ft ceilings, two 8K square foot floors and a rooftop of 8k square foot with 3k square foot indoors and 5k square foot rooftop overlooking Hollywood. This new facility has a rooftop shooting space, Skyline, in addition to adding two brand new stages at the company’s Hollywood campus.  With these additions, Line 204 currently offers 40,000 square feet of studios and 10,000 square feet of production space in the heart of Hollywood with all the state-of-the-art equipment a great production could ever need.  

In 2022, Line 204 and Industry partners will break ground on a 240,000-square-foot studio complex in Sun Valley – the largest to be built in the LA area in 25 years! The new studio complex will attract and sustain production in the LA area for years to come.

During the pandemic Alton built 4 new studios inside their existing 120K square foot facility in Los Angeles.  Those stages include 2 state of the art LED Wall technology that will and is changing the way all “On location” shoots will be shot.  The technology has the ability to bring any location in the world to a Hollywood studio.

A former recruited player football player, Alton understands the importance of building teams.  His greatest strengths are honesty and loyalty and many of his original employees remain under his wing.  Alton is hands on in every corner of the business while serving as CEO to implement successful initiatives for growth. Alton has built his business through consistent, quality customer service, and he continues to improve and simplify business procedures with his executive team.

Alton’s philanthropic efforts are widespread. He is a regular contributor to Children’s Hospital Los Angeles, a founding supporter of Rally for Kids and a member of the Blue September, a campaign to raise prostate cancer awareness in men.  

Alton is a dedicated family man, generous friend and sports enthusiast.  Hobbies include golf, mountain riding and league sports with his children on weekends. He lives in the Burbank Hills with his wife, Sira and his school age children Alton III and Savanna.

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