President's Remarks, March 2022

March 1, 2022

President's Remarks, March 2022

In this post pandemic world, it is hard to fathom anything that could surprise us, but like many of my colleagues I wasn’t expecting to watch global events unfold that have occurred in recent days. Regardless of what the future holds, we hold true to our beliefs in each other, in our country and in sharing a message of a better future for all!  Speaking of a better future, I couldn’t think of a better example than all the UCREW applicants that shared their presentations for futures in commercial real estate at the award program last Thursday. The 15 college women that participated in the program did an amazing job and will have mentors in our CREW Austin Chapter to connect with as they grow in their respective fields. I was honored to be a mentor in that program and congratulate the UCREW Committee for holding such an inspiring event!    

This month, we will turn our sights to our Sponsorship signups for 2022; hoping to wrap up our Program Partner Sponsorships (year-round) and then opening our Al a Carte Sponsorships (for a single event) this month. If you are considering becoming a CREW Austin Sponsor, there is still time to signup on our website. We are only $6K away from our goal…please sign up today to help us meet our annual goals to support all our programs and events for 2022.

Please also assist us in growing our Membership to CREW Austin this month.  At the end of 2021, we topped over 188 members, but today we stand at 135 members.  If you haven’t renewed your membership or you aren’t sure of your membership standing, please log into the CREW Austin website and check your renewal status.  For anyone interested in becoming a new member, please mark your calendar for the CREW Discovery event on March 29th, to learn all the benefits of becoming a CREW Member, our mission, committees and Board structure.  

Don’t forget to attend Coffee with CREW on March 9th and our March Luncheon on the 22nd.  

I look forward to RECONNECTING with you then!