President's Message

January 5, 2022
Written by: CREW Austin

President's Message

Elise Giles, CREW Austin President

Welcome to 2022!  CREW Austin is ready to get back to work, creating opportunities for us to LEARN, GROW and CONNECT.  

My focus this year as CREW Austin’s President is to RECONNECT with each other, with our programs and committees and with CREW Network.  To celebrate our opportunity to RECONNECT, look for our new CREW Austin pins (see photo above) available at any of our events.  Please plan to join us for our first monthly CREW Austin Luncheon at the Westwood Country Club on January 18th. Please also consider joining me and our CREW Delegates at the Winter Leadership Summit on February 3rd-5th in Tampa Bay.  Lastly, don’t forget to attend our Coffee with CREW on January 12th.

With so many opportunities to RECONNECT, we welcome you to also think about your CREW Story.  
This will be something you will hear more about in 2022.  I encourage you to create your own CREW Story and share it with your other CREW Members and potential members.  It’s the best way to share the message of what CREW offers… for all!

My CREW Story is one of gratitude, as I have navigated several job changes in my 30+ year career in Commercial Real Estate.  Each time I have found myself in a new city, or a new role, CREW was there for me in many ways – connecting me with a network of friends and mentors, connecting me with development and other opportunities to expand my current role at work, and connecting me with fantastic leadership training and skills.   I have so many reasons that CREW Austin is my professional organization of choice.  I can’t wait to hear why CREW Austin works for you!  

Here’s to RECONNECTING with CREW Austin in 2022!