CREW Austin Board Member Spotlight: Rachel Duck

January 11, 2022
Written by: CREW Austin

Rachel Duck, Director, Popp Hutcheson PLLC

Rachel Duck was selected for the Board Member spotlight for January 2022! She is a Director at Popp Hutcheson PLLC, and has been a member of CREW Austin since 2018. She graciously agreed to answer the questions below so we can all get to know her better.

1. When did you join CREW Austin? What motivated you to become involved with CREW?

I joined CREW Austin in 2018.  I had been involved with a CREW University branch during my time at Texas A&M University and benefited greatly from that experience.  When I had reached a point in my professional career where I was eligible and felt confident in my contributions, I eagerly sought out a membership in CREW Austin and am so glad I did!

2. When did you join/how long have you served on the Board? What inspired you to take your involvement in CREW to the next level?

I joined the Board in 2020 and have served for the past two years.  I began as a board liaison for the CREW Careers committee and have served most recently as a liaison for the Golf Adventure committee.  Having experienced the amplified benefit of the CREW Austin network while serving as a committee Chair, I saw the natural next step to be to attempt to fill a position on the CREW Austin Board.  My relationships and network have grown exponentially since doing so.

3. How has CREW affected your professional career? How has it changed your business and personal relationships in the Real Estate Community?

CREW Austin has allowed me to develop meaningful relationships within the real estate community outside of my immediate niche industry.  These relationships have been incredibly impactful, both personally and professionally, and have provided me with a support system of like-minded professional women and men with whom I can brainstorm, network, learn, and grow.

4. How much time a month do you volunteer to serve on the board? What would your advice be to CREW members who would like to serve on the board in the future?

We hold board meetings typically one time per month, and the meetings last generally 90 minutes.  Apart from the monthly board meetings, board members are assigned committees to which we all serve as liaisons and additional support to the committee Chairs and co-Chairs.  Being on the Golf Adventure committee, our time commitment is a little cyclical, and increases quite a bit in the months leading up to the event.  However, even during the busy months, the time commitment has not been excessive, and generally does not exceed a few hours per week.

If you are considering a position on the board, please jump in!  Please do not feel underqualified or underprepared.  We always need new, active voices from a diverse background of experience and industry to help propel CREW Austin forward!

5. What is your favorite CREW Austin event? Why is it your favorite?

I am torn between CREW Careers and the Golf Adventure.  I currently serve as the board liaison for the Golf Adventure committee and love the event!  However, when I first joined CREW Austin, I was heavily involved with the CREW Careers event at the Ann Richards School.  The CREW Careers Day with the 9th grade students is so inspiring, and as a former teacher myself, I cannot help but be gravitated toward the event.  Even if you are not serving on the CREW Careers committee, I would recommend all CREW Austin members try to serve during one CREW Careers Day.  It is always a fantastic day for everyone involved!