CREW Austin Board Member Spotlight: Brenda Tuma

November 9, 2021
Written by: CREW Austin

CREW Austin Board Member Spotlight: Brenda Tuma

Brenda Tuma, District Manager, Teknion

Brenda Tuma was selected for the Board member spotlight for November 2021! She is a District Manager at Teknion, and has been a member of CREW Austin since 2011. She graciously agreed to answer the questions below so we can all get to know her better.

1.    When did you join CREW Austin? What motivated you to become involved with CREW?

I joined CREW Austin way back in 2011 for the only reason to network with other professional women. My position at the time was New Business Development and I had the opportunity to try out many organizations.  I fell in love with the Golf Adventure and worked on that committee for 2 years.  My job changed so I transferred my membership to the San Antonio chapter as that was my new focus.

2.    When did you join/how long have you served on the Board? What inspired you to take your involvement in CREW to the next level?

Being exposed to the wonderful group in Austin, I knew I wanted to get further involved in San Antonio and landed on the CrewTini Committee.  After helping with that committee for 2 years, I was nominated for the Board Position of that committee.  It was only natural that when I transferred back to the Austin Chapter in 2018 it felt like I was coming home and wanted to jump right in.  Because of my passion for member involvement, I landed in Member Services being a brand new committee looking for new ideas in getting members involved.  I have always wanted to be in a Board position to improve my professional skills and of course learn from the wonderfully successful women around me.

3.    How has CREW affected your professional career? How has it changed your business and personal relationships in the Real Estate Community?

Being involved in CREW has provided an avenue for education that I don’t get elsewhere.  Meeting fellow members at luncheons and events that have similar business issues I have creates a connection that is empowering.  Attending Convention this last year was spiritually uplifting and changed the way I gauge success in my career and home life.  

4.    How much time a month do you volunteer to serve on the board? What would your advice be to CREW members who would like to serve on the board in the future?

Time spent on Board related items is very enjoyable and actually does not take but maybe more than 5 hours a month. However, I maintain Board contact along with 2 committee meetings that work together so being able to share from all the meetings is crucial for communication.   I would advise any CREW member with the drive to improve their Leadership skills to apply for Board Position.  It will only help you grow in your business abilities.

5.    What is your favorite CREW Austin event? Why is it your favorite?

The favorite event is hands down the Golf Adventure, second to the Holiday Event.  Both of these events lend toward a relaxed environment of networking.  What is great about CREW Austin is the diversity of events and that there is something for everyone.