President’s Remarks, September 2021

August 30, 2021
Written by: CREW Austin

President’s Remarks, September 2021

This week CREW New Orleans is on my mind, after being hit by a CAT 4 hurricane all I can do is think about how we can help. 

I call on our membership and all of the CREW Network Gulf Coast Chapters to help strategize on how to quickly we can activate and send help to our fellow CREW Members.

On a lighter note, I’m happy that school is back in session and we’re able to re-focus our energy to doing business together and supporting each other. CREW Network Foundation focuses on College Scholarships, Industry Research and Career Outreach. Help us increase awareness of Foundation’s powerful reach by achieving Trifecta!

Trifecta is completing all 3 aspects of the Foundation Chapter Challenge:

  • Get 100% of your chapter’s board to give an individual donation COMPLETED
  • Get 50% of your chapter’s membership to give an individual donation* We are at 33%
  • Chapter gives an organizational donation of $1,000 or more. COMPLETED

I look forward to seeing everyone at our monthly luncheon on September 21st where we will be hosting our chapter board elections in addition to our program on “The Missing Middle Housing in Austin MSA”.

Also, please SAVE THE DATE and register to participate in our 2 upcoming major events:
Please reach out if you will be in person at the CREW Network Convention & Marketplace 

On September 28-30 in Las Vegas so you can join our chapter Happy Hour. 

See you in soon! 

Elena M. Cutshall
2021 CREW Austin President