President’s Remarks, August 2021

August 3, 2021
Written by: CREW Austin

President’s Remarks, August 2021

This month is coming in hot! 

In the blink of an eye, we are wrapping up summer and planning for the rest of 2021. 

This month we take a break from the monthly luncheons to help with that planning and to conduct interviews and shore up our new leadership for 2022. 

I look forward to seeing everyone at the CREW Network Convention & Marketplace on September 28-30 in Las Vegas. Thank you for all who applied for scholarships to attend. Recipients will be announced soon.   

There is still a chance to reach Trifecta for CREW Network Foundation we are at 30% participation, please help us meet the Chapter Challenge: 

  • Get 100% of your chapter’s board to give an individual donation COMPLETED
  • Get 50% of your chapter’s membership to give an individual donation*  Help! We are only at 30%
  • Chapter gives an organizational donation of $1,000 or more. COMPLETED
Please donate and apply so we can have good representation at the CREW Network global event.  

See you in September.

Elena M. Cutshall
2021 CREW Austin President