CREW Connect 

May 10, 2021
Written by: CREW Austin

CREW Connect 

*Originally scheduled for May, CREW Connect has been postponed until July.  

Join Member Services for the First-Annual CREW Connect, a FREE 90-day self-paced program designed to promote connections, and professional growth.  Your group will consist of 1 mentor and 2 mentees.  Use of books, podcasts and articles will present opportunity for talking points with the intent of enhancing professional growth.  

To provide opportunity for one-on-one fellowship between CREW members while supporting one another’s professional growth in commercial real estate.  

Mentor/Mentees will meet with Member Services Committee 

  • July - KickOff Meeting - Led by Member Services, this meeting will serve as a launch for the program.  Suggestions for success will be discussed.  Mentor/Mentees will have been paired prior to the KickOff, so connect via CREWbiz and LinkedIn.  If schedules allow, talk with one another prior to the KickOff meeting for an introduction.  Discuss shared goals, and plan for one-on-one sessions during July, Aug, and Sept.  Discuss tools for use in identifying talking points i.e. books, articles, podcasts (recommendations will be provided)
  • August - Check in with Member Services to share successes
  • September - Wrap up meeting to discuss success and/or areas for improvement for Member Services to implement for improvement of Mentor Connect in future years

Mentor/Mentees will meet privately.  

  • July
  • August
  • September

Mentor Connect Guide