President’s Remarks, February 2021

February 8, 2021
Written by: CREW Austin

President’s Remarks, February 2021

This year has started fast and furious, we are all anxious about the future and ready to move on to the next chapter. 

Maybe the resolutions have started to fade by now but there is still time to set your intentions for the year. 

Its time to do something for yourself personally and professionally. 

Renewing your membership, Membership Renewal deadline is this Month. If you have lost your job due to the pandemic or are in transition please visit the CREW Network website to understand all of the generous options, we have been provided for such circumstances.  

Re-engage in committees, this is a best way to expand your network or give back, to the community. 

Register for the 2021 CREW Network Leadership summit, professional growth and chapter management leadership skills are some of the many take aways for this more intimate and focused version of convention. 

Let’s grow your network, collaborate on projects and learn something new to help your business. 

Look forward to learning, growing, and working with all of you this year. 

Elena M. Cutshall 
2021 CREW Austin President