Top 10 Quarantine List

November 30, 2020
Written by: CREW Austin Comm Comm
2020 continues to trudge along with its own brand of weirdness that even Austin is tired of. Here are some CREW Austin observations:

10. Zoom is effective for staying in touch with friends, colleagues, and family – and you can wear the same sweatpants every day.

9. Masks #1: require half the makeup and make shaving and oral hygiene absolutely optional.

8. Time to think about enhancing existing processes; be on the lookout for the CREW Austin Membership Talent Survey.

7. While you’re at it, chairs and co-chairs will soon be getting a Committee Matrix form to help enumerate the ways we can mutually support one another at the committee level.

6. If you’re clever (we are) you can still have a wine and cheese party on a rooftop deck while practicing social distancing.

5. Masks #2: you can hide snacks behind them and eat during Zoom calls.

4. Who knew hand sanitizer would become a required meeting accessory… and you can judge the meeting host by the scent they offer!

3. Masks #3: How do you know I’m making a sour face at your last comment?

2. New vacation spots: Puerta Backyarda, Den-landia, The Kitchen Islands

1. We are survivors. Have we changed? Certainly. Was it easy? Absolutely not! But look at us…we’re still here. I count that as a win!