September Leadership Message

September 1, 2020
Written by: CREW Austin

September Leadership Message

Chances are, you probably started off 2020 with a comprehensive plan in place to promote yourself and your accomplishments, increase your network, work on some personal goals, and boost your engagement with others. Then COVID-19 hit like a Mike Tyson left hook and knocked all those plans out cold. Cancelled events, remote working, government guidelines, mandates, and legislation - every day a new COVID-19 challenge comes along. 

Now, here we are, you are probably reading this from home (if you're not, you need to get back inside ASAP!), and you might have lost count of how many days it has been since you have been practicing social distancing. All the while, you are trying to work with your team, remotely, to figure out how to keep engaged and on point. 

But, let's face it, no matter how much experience you and your colleagues have, this is uncharted territory.
There is no direct blueprint to draw from to figure out how to navigate these waters. The reality is, we are all trying to figure it out on a day by day basis as more information becomes available. 

The impact of this outbreak has taken a toll on our personal and professional lives with the uncertainty, the unknown, the isolation and the desire to connect now more than ever. What matters most is connecting with like-minded people around a common passion.  As social distancing and remote working become part of our everyday lives, the craving for social connection will intensify. The COVID-19 crisis eliminates many of the usual opportunities for planned and serendipitous meetups and for relationship building.

Connecting is the keyword and that entails being relevant, sensitive, and agile.  Luckily, many of us have found the answer in CREW!  To date this year, CREW Austin added 48 new members for a total of 179 members.  At this time last year, we had 163 members. Welcome newbies and I look forward to socializing with you through one of our virtual events such as coffee chat, happy hour, the monthly lunch meeting or maybe even at the upcoming golf event.

For those of you who are still on the fence about CREW, I personally invite you to join us if you want to be connected with like-minded professionals who exchange information through online forums, virtual meet-ups (for now) and tailored learning opportunities that will advance your career.

Speaking of learning and networking opportunities, the CREW Network Convention is being held virtually September 15th – 17th and it is not too late to register - members, non-members, all are welcome.  Convention is a great opportunity to expand your network, gain insight from industry leaders and meet new partners that will generate business and inspire you.

With a little refocused determination, it is not too late to get this year and your plan back on track.  We have an impressive ability to adapt to change and I think in this virtual world, we will find novel ways to stay connected, create some normalcy, and be successful in overcoming any roadblocks we encounter along the way.  Now get back inside!
From Amy Hurst, CPM®
CREW Austin President