Communication Committee Needs You!   

June 9, 2020
Written by: Communication Committee

We’ll Pretend You’re Listening if You Nod Politely Now and Then…

Contrary to popular belief, the communication committee, henceforth known as Comm-Comm, has not succumbed to the Covid-19 virus. Rather than continuing to be a vehicle reporting what has already taken place, we have regrouped and reinvented ourselves. Here are just a few of the initiatives we hope to address in the coming weeks. Care to join us? 

Hidden Talents: Can you juggle? Can you speak a second (or third) language? Are you a bang-up editor? Do you know how to square dance? You might be just the person someone needs! How many times in your professional life have you needed knowledge of some esoteric field, only later to learn that the person sitting next to you was the expert you needed? Our membership is smart, talented, and wonderfully diverse. We need to be able to tap into the deep well of skill and knowledge that we collectively have. By cataloging the talents of each of our members we might be better suited to assist one another and perhaps collaborate on a deal or two.

Committee – to – Committee:  What, exactly does the Communication Committee DO? What about Membership or Member Services? So often we hear the names, but have no idea of what they do or of what relevance they are to one another. The Comm-Comm plans to create a matrix illustrating the interconnected ways each committee can compliment and support the others. Sounds complex – yeah, we’re smart.

911:  As sobering events of the day continue to develop around us, it has become obvious the need to create an emergency communication protocol is required. This committee has begun creating the framework to implement a method by which we may disseminate critical information to our membership.

Fun: There are enough forces in the world ready and eager to suck the fun out of just about everything we do. Not gonna happen with the Comm-Comm. We will develop methods of communication that are easy for the author and compelling to our membership. Toward that end, our first meeting is scheduled to be a happy hour. See? It’s already working! We TOLD you to join this group…