WHAT’S NEXT? – Taking Stock & Working Smarter

May 18, 2020
Written by: Marc Bove, Far Hills Studio
In the past weeks we have shifted dramatically from business as usual to nothing as usual. From creating home office space to learning new strategies for staying connected, our world turned inside out overnight. Now that we’ve figured that out, we should ask: what’s next?

When things get back to normal, we should hope there’s a new normal. The episode of shaking things up demonstrated we are resilient, resourceful, and smart. Let’s continue to become agile, not fearful, and realize we cannot stop doing things, but must learn to do things differently. Surely, we can apply lessons learned. 

Evaluate those new ways we’ve been forced to use technology. If IT systems were not adequately robust, invest in software and hardware upgrades. Build fire walls. Create new connections. Upgrade your laptop. While initially awkward, Zoom sessions with colleagues and family proved to be legitimate ways to stay connected.

What about our corporate policies? Did we have effective sick leave and disability policies? Disaster planning doesn’t seem so farfetched now…

Even physical surroundings should be evaluated. Six feet of separation seems like miles in office furniture layouts. Benching systems don’t afford much physical shielding. Should we consider zoning? …health screening areas? …sanitization stations? …air filtration? …better video conferencing facilities? Yes to ALL these and more. 

We will undoubtedly face future surprises; let’s not be taken off-guard again. Let’s react faster. Let’s take a hard look around and address things we wish had been in place then that are in place now. Let’s act today so we won’t have to react tomorrow. Let’s be agile. Let’s do things differently!