May Leadership Message


May 4, 2020
Written by: From Amy Hurst, CPM® CREW Austin President  
What COVID-19 has taught me and other ramblings……

My in-box and Facebook page are filled with information and resources regarding COVID-19, everything from best practices on re-opening the workplace to dealing with our isolation and new reality.  And to be honest, I never watch the news because I find it to be a bit depressing and negative.  With that said, I feel overwhelmed from too much COVID-19 overload.  

I have always been a bit of a germophobe and I have always loved Purell.  I don’t care if I can’t buy toilet paper but please don’t hoard my beloved hand sanitizer!

I like ZOOM and Microsoft Teams.  Connecting with people is critical for the extroverted me while my introverted-self luxuriates in a new world that favors alone time.  

I hate wearing a mask. I find it ironic that when I put the mask on it is such an effort because my claustrophobia kicks in (I feel like I can’t breathe and a small panic attack overwhelms me) but I wear it because it’s the right thing to do AND I get really mad when I see other people not wearing a mask.  I actually yelled at a guy the other day in the grocery store because he reached over me and my cart and he did not have a mask on or consider social distancing. I disliked grocery shopping before all of this and now I hate it even more.

For me routine is important.  Everyday life, daily life, it is normal to me.  Getting up at the same time, showers, dressing, work, cooking, wine, Robert making me laugh, leisure time. That is my normal.
Here are a few things I miss from my routine:  Hair Salons - Absolutely do not cut your own hair, bangs maybe, but I repeat do not cut your own hair! I miss spa days, massages, manis and pedis. I miss eating out…not so much the food because there is take out but being waited on and catered to.  I miss going out anywhere really.  
Going to Lowes just isn’t cutting it!  I miss seeing my friends and co-workers.  My commute time is awesome though!

Generally, I feel good about life despite everything that is going on but I know we will get back there when the time is right – wherever back there is….More importantly, I’m proud to be part of a world working together to overcome an obstacle. I realize that cliché “we’re all in it together” turned out to be our new reality.   When the time is right – we will all get through this together and I look forward to seeing you all on the other side!

From Amy Hurst, CPM®
CREW Austin President