CREW Connections Everywhere!

September 4, 2019
Written by: Katy Lumpkin
This weekend I was catching up with my husband and telling him about my work week.  Rod, a big fan of CREW Austin, pointed out to me that I had encountered several CREW Austin connections in just one week.  Monday, I received a call from a client that had been referred to me a couple of years ago by Erin Morales of CBRE (a former CREW Austin member) for representation in lease negotiation.  The client didn’t need real estate representation this time but I was able to refer her to another attorney in my firm for help.   On Wednesday, I made a new business connection with Little City Properties thanks to Suzy French of Little City Properties, Alane Ebner of CTA Architects and Keith Ziegleman of Lovejoy Construction, all of whom are current and very active CREW Austin members.  Finally, on Friday I was in a client meeting and another attorney (not a CREW Austin member….yet) who recognized me from the lunch programs that he had attended which sparked a conversation about CREW Austin and its awesome programs and opportunities for networking and education. What a great CREW Austin week!
If you have CREW Austin connections, please let us know about them.  We want to shine a light on you.  You can submit them on CREW Austin’s website at
Football season is here and our next luncheon on September 17th will highlight the University of Texas Football Operations.  Regardless of your football affiliations, the undertaking of such an operation will make for an illuminating program.  I, myself, will likely being wearing burnt orange! Thank you to Page for sponsoring the program and thank you to Tory Teykl, the Director of Operations for UT Austin for speaking.
Before the luncheon begins, there will be a new members orientation from 10:45 to 11:30 at the UT Club.  If you are a new member or a member who wants more information about CREW Austin, please register and join us.
Also, coming up on Friday, September 20th is the annual golf tournament.  This year the event is being held at Avery Ranch Golf Club.  For more information and registration, hit this link:
Finally, I’d like to personally thank each and every one of you who made a personal donation to  CREW Foundation.  CREW Austin met the trifecta of 100% board member donations, a chapter donation and at least an individual donation from 50% of a chapter’s membership. Your donation will help fund college scholarships, industry research and career outreach.  You’ve also elevated CREW Austin to a global level as we head on to the CREW Network Convention to be held September 25th -27th. There will be 20 CREW Austin members attending the convention in Orlando, Florida.    Registration for the convention is still open if you are interested in attending.  If you can’t make the 2019 CREW Network Convention, remember that the 2020 CREW Network Convention will be held here in our hometown of Austin, Texas!
Katy Lumpkin
2019 CREW President