Member Awards

August 20, 2019
Written by: CREW Austin
Our Annual Member of the Year Award(s) will honor an outstanding CREW committee member(s) that has gone above and beyond in bringing value to their respective committee or CREW Austin by starting new initiatives or programs within CREW, showing tremendous leadership capabilities, or has made an impactful difference within their committee or chapter in the past year.

Examples of such successes include:  

- A CREW committee member that has created successful initiatives at the committee level that has continued to benefit CREW Austin (and possibly CREW Network) as a whole.  

- A CREW committee member or member that has contributed to the achievement of a CREW event through strong leadership and delegation of the committee members.  

- A CREW committee member or member who through hard work or creative thinking solved an unresolved issue, helped get a program off the ground, or helped put a notable CREW program together.

Committee Member of the Year and Rising Star will be chosen by weighing the following criteria: 

- Donation to CREW Network Foundation
- Active participation in CREW Austin events
- Active on a CREW Austin committee(s)
- Attended Convention
- Attended Leadership Summit(s)
- Company was a sponsor/partner of CREW Austin
- Contributed to CREW Austin social media and/or newsletter
- Participation at the CREW Network level ie. committee or leadership certificate