What I Learned at CREW Leadership Summit

July 10, 2019
Written by: Carrie Holt, CPM

Long time member & current treasurer, Carrie Holt, recently attended the CREW Network Leadership Summit for the first time in 13 years.  Her take aways from the meeting may convince other members to consider attending this yearly event that is not just for board members only.  Quite the contrary – we have several Austin members that attend the event for the leadership development and camaraderie.  Read Carrie’s top 5 take aways below.

The first week of June I had the privilege of attending the CREW Network Spring Leadership Summit in Kansas City, KS.  In addition enjoying the (equally good but not the same as Texas) BBQ, the cooler weather and a bonus tour of the CREW Network offices; I had an opportunity to network with people from other chapters, learned how to get more out of my CREW membership and even attended a professional development session that focused on how to use LinkedIn. I joined CREW Austin in 2006, have chaired several committees, served on the board as a director and currently as Treasurer and despite all of that, this was the first Leadership Summit that I attended.
Honestly, I never paid that much attention to the Leadership Summits.  As a committee member and chair, I figured it was just something for the board.  As a board member I figured it was just something for officers or for people that might want to participate in CREW at broader level. Even serving as treasurer for the past few years, I assumed that the Leadership Summits just weren’t for me. I finally decided to attend and am pleased to report that I was wrong on all accounts above.  Following are my top 5 take-aways from the Spring 2019 CREW Network Leadership Summit.

1. Austin members really like CREW Leadership Summits. There were 8 Austin members that attended this Leadership Summit.  I was prepared to spend some time with Katy Lumpkin and Amy Hurst who I knew would be at the Summit and was pleasantly surprised to keep running into Austin members. It was fun getting to know members on a more personal level outside of our normal Austin luncheon setting. I got to catch up with members I haven’t had an opportunity to spend time within recent years and learned more about Jennifer Seay and her firm, Art+Artisans and am hopeful we’ll be able to collaborate on a project soon.

2. Sponsorship best practices - putting packages together, thanking sponsors and follow-up. I learned that Austin has a unique sponsorship package with our “one ask” system. Sponsorship is not just about asking for money and giving money. It’s about our connections and is necessary for us to achieve our chapter goals.

3. Austin Chapter Programming and Events are top notch.  While speaking with many other chapters, I learned that other chapters our size do not come close in offering what CREW Austin does for its members each month.  Following are just a few of the things that our chapter offers to members: industry topic luncheons, dine-arounds, hard hats and heels, UCREW, CREW Careers, mentoring and community outreach.  Our membership is involved in what we do and I’m very proud to be part of such an active CREW group. 

4. CREW Network Resources.  This is one I thought I knew, after all, we’ve all been on CREWbiz, we receive the daily discussion thread emails, what more can there be?  Did you know on CREWbiz there is a resource library? Need tips on how to run a committee meeting or best practice ideas from other chapters, check out the CREWbiz resource page. The resource page has committee playbooks, templates and even the presentations from the Leadership Summits. In addition to CREWbiz, CREW Network has many other resources – White Papers (FREE industry research that you can’t get anywhere else), Board Hosted calls, Webinars and coming soon…. Herstory Podcast Series.

5. LinkedIn – why is Linked In important? How should we use it for ourselves, our company and our chapter? What’s the difference between organic promotions and paid promotions?  You can find the answers to all those questions and more in CREWbiz Resources. My biggest take away from a personal standpoint is that if all you have on your LinkedIn profile is your resume then you have some work to do! Top tips from the pro – complete your profile including a clear, professional photo, make connections, give recommendations, ask for recommendations and update your presence regularly.

The CREW Network Leadership Summits are for every member- no matter where you currently are in your membership, career or what you aspire to be in either, there is networking and knowledge to be gained at the Leadership Summit. I won’t wait another 13 years before attending a CREW Network Leadership Summit.
Carrie Holt, CPM
General Manager, Lillibridge Healthcare Services