July Leadership Message - Katy Lumpkin

July 10, 2019
Written by: Kathy Lumpkin
If you can’t give others work, give them the spotlight…. A message from Katy Lumpkin, CREW Austin 2019 President.
Hello All – Since my last message, I have attended the CREW Network Spring Leadership Summit in Kansas City, Missouri.  There were many take-ways from the summit which Carrie Holt, CREW’s Austin Treasurer, details in her excellent summary below.   For me, I gained an increased respect and sense of awe for the on-line marketing professionals.  The quote I started this message with was from Paul Andrews, who along with Kaci Wheeler and Liz Stubbs, presented a detailed training on Linked-In.  The quote, which I “borrowed” from the session, reminds me that the opportunities provided by CREW Network and CREW Austin aren’t just to grow clientele but, as CREW Austin’s strategic plan provides, to influence the success of the commercial real estate industry by advancing the achievement of women and spotlighting others is one way to do it!
CREW Austin’s next luncheon, the Power of Connection, will be on July 16th at the University of Texas Club. The program will be a highly interactive session providing opportunities to connect members and guests with new and familiar faces.   Registration is open at https://crewaustin.org/events/luncheon/2019-07-16-july-luncheon.    
Each year, CREW Foundation challenges each chapter to meet the trifecta of 100% board member donations, a chapter donation and an individual donation from 50% of a chapter’s membership. CREW Foundation uses these donations for college scholarships, industry research and career outreach.  If you would like to learn more about CREW Foundation, there is an amazing video on the CREW Network’s website and on YouTube.  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ueihbUtgS7c
CREW Austin has met the first two challenges but we are still working to achieve donations from 50% of our membership.   Please consider donating.  Your donation will help in the CREW Foundation work and help elevate CREW Austin on a global level.  https://crewnetwork.org/foundation/donate
Now over to Carrie Holt and her message on the spring leadership summit. Hope to see you all at the July 16th luncheon.