Call for Nominations 2021 Leadership

July 20, 2020
Our Nominating Committee is seeking qualified members interested in serving a 3-year term (Active members) or 1-year term (Affiliate members) on the Board.  We will be filling officer positions and director vacancies.  The selection process is transparent, and we invite your questions, suggestions and self-nominations.  The Nominating Committee consists of the Past President, President, President Elect + two members at large.
We are accepting Nominations for the 2021 Board of Directors as follows:
  • 2021 President-Elect (becomes 2022 President)
  • Secretary & Treasurer *
  • (2) Directors who will serve (3) year terms (2020 – 2022)
  • Affiliate Director who will serve a (1) year term (2020).
  • Current or past board members are eligible to be nominated for any officer position *
The following members of the 2020 Board will continue service in 2021:
  • Elena Cutshall (President 2021)
  • Rachel Duck
  • Alane Ebner
  • Elise Giles
  • Carrie Holt
  • Amy Hurst
  • Darlene Louk
  • Jennifer Paisley
  • Vanessa Rabe
  • Jennifer Seay
Rolling off the Board (can be re-nominated for additional term):
  • Katy Lumpkin
  • Jennifer Jarl McCombs
  • Dan Kelley  
Please Note:
  1. The individuals eligible for nomination include any Active or Affiliate member in good standing that has chaired a committee and/or task force. See list here.
  2. Please note that the members at large that are part of the Nominating Committee are not eligible to be nominated.
  3. Self-nominations are encouraged.
  4. The Nominating Committee will conduct applicant interviews in August (date TBD). 
  5. The vote to approve the slate will take place at the annual meeting to be held in October.
  6. The final deadline for all nominations is July 31st, 2020
  7. Interested parties should fill out the nomination form to be submitted to our administrator @
  8. You are very important to the future of this exceptional organization, so please be a part of our next successes.
  9. Thank you in advance for your prompt attention.
Katy Lumpkin
Immediate Past President & Nominations Committee Chair