May 2018 Leadership Message

May 1, 2018
Written by: Marcy Phillips
On April 10th, we held a very successful CREW Austin Recruitment Event.  We were very pleased by the attendance, networking and commodore.  Thank you to all who participated. If you are interested in joining CREW Austin, we’d love to tell you more about CREW Austin.  Please follow the instructions in this link:

I am very pleased to announce that we have achieved 100% Board participation and nearly 60% of our CREW Austin chapter goal for CREW Foundation Donations.  A huge THANK YOU for those that have contributed.  Making a donation this month is a great way to help create opportunities for more women in Commercial Real Estate.  Please consider donating.  Any amount helps.

Be on the Lookout!  It has been awhile since we distributed a CREW Austin chapter survey.  In that time, our membership has grown and diversified.  As such, we have put together a thorough survey and YOUR PARTICIPATION and responses are critical to the growth and future of CREW Austin.  We anticipate the survey will take up to 15 minutes to complete.  The survey will be distributed on or about May 15th and responses will be due by May 31st.  Please help us complete the survey so we can gain valuable insight into your CREW Austin membership.  With this information, we can pivot to what is most valuable to you!  As a bonus, we will be distributing (2) $100 gift cards at random to thank you for your participation.

June 5th – Network Convention and Marketplace registration opens!  Convention is in San Diego this year from October 17th – 19th.  Please stay tuned for more information on Convention scholarships and remember to purchase travel raffle tickets to help support these scholarships.  Attending CREW Network Convention is a great way to grow your leadership, further your professional development and gain invaluable inspiration and insight from thought-provoking speakers, all structured within a platform designed to maximize your business networking.  Need another reason to attend?  According to a recent survey, women who participate in conferences are twice as likely to receive a promotion and three times as likely to receive a 10%+ pay increase within a year!

As always, if you have any comments, questions or concerns, please let your leadership team know!

Make it a great month!

Kindest regards, 

CREW Austin President