Larry Guyette, President & Owner of Office Furniture NOW! is Our Member Highlight This Month

April 23, 2018
Written by: CREW Austin
Guyette and Family
Name:  Larry Guyette

Current Career: President and Owner of Office Furniture NOW! 

Past Jobs:  C-Level positions at:  
  • one of the largest computer networking training companies while in the Midwest;  
  • the 3rd largest log home manufacturer in the US while near Raleigh NC;  
  • the largest Christian medical bill sharing ministry while on the Florida Space Coast. 
Professional Aspirations:  To see my children become good stewards of all their resources. 

What is the biggest decision you’ve had to make in the past year? Why was it a big decision:  Designed, contracted and built our house in the Driftwood area on six acres. We moved in in November 2017.  

Briefly, can you explain something that is really complicated, but you know well:  Michigan Wolverine football (okay it’s really not that complicated) or honey bees and the approximately 30,000 of them at our hives on our land. 

Describe a mistake you made in your career that you really learned from:  Relying on only one opinion in a professional setting for legal/tenant advice regarding a substantial lease obligation and not asking quite enough astute questions to avoid a costly and unfair outcome.  That should never happen again with all of my CREW connections! 

 What do you want to do when you grow up: Be a true reflection of Christ. 

What is one professional accomplishment that you are most proud of:  Attaining my Certified Management Accountant (CMA) certification after being out of college for a while and following that up with my MBA. Also, when working in the technical training field being asked and serving on the board of Novell’s national council for a couple of years regarding their authorized education centers. 

Five Minutes of Fame:  My log home company designed, supplied the materials for and arranged the contractor to build Paul Teutul Sr’s house of American Chopper fame in upstate New York. 

Describe a time when you were faced with doing something you didn’t know how to do: Owning and running an office furniture business in Austin Texas.  While I had purchased office furniture before, I had no idea what was going to really happen when I came to Texas and bought Office Furniture NOW!.

Lives with:  My wife and love my life, Julie, of 24 years and daughters Rachel (20), Molly (18 and an Aggie in the fall), Cookie the dog (16 or so), three cats (all youngsters and one is a very pregnant foster cat).  All the cats are new since we moved into our new house and are the result of my daughter, Molly, working at Austin Pets Alive and access to too many dang animals. Oldest daughter, Hailey (23), lives in Ohio. 

Hobbies: Any University of Michigan sporting event, a little golf and traveling, especially with the family. 

Pet Peeves:  Liars 

If you could do it all over again what would you change:  I would have gone to law school although I doubt if I would have become a lawyer.

If you had $40,000 to build your own business, what would you do?: A food truck, Chicago Style Hotdogs…
If money and time were no object, how would you spend your days: Golf, then after a few weeks of that, working with struggling businesses in turnaround situations while traveling a good bit. 

Favorite Quote or Saying: Whoever can be trusted with very little can also be trusted with much, and whoever is dishonest with very little will also be dishonest with much. Luke 16:10 (NIV)

One of your 2018 Goals: Overhaul the computer operating systems at OFN…something from this decade.